A 10-year-old pet goldfish named George prepares to go under the knife to remove a life-threatening tumour at the Lort Smith Animal Hospital in Melbourne, Australia.

The 45-minute long procedure was performed by vet Tristan Rich who described the operation as ‘fiddly’. The fish was sedated by water laced with anaesthetic and once the tumour was removed the wound was sealed with tissue glue followed by antibiotics and painkillers.

Picture: REUTERS/Lort Smith Animal Hospital (via Pictures of the day: 16 September 2014 - Telegraph)

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"'If Dracula can't see his reflection, how come his parting's always neat?'"

Karl Pilkington, XFM 15/02/03 (via snowbyscissors)

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Hints about 9/11 in movies and T.V shows etc. before 2001


The Holy Bible

“Babylon is fallen (1st time)—that great city is fallen (2nd) ! She (World Trade Centers) has become a home for demons. She is a hideout for every foul spirit, a hideout for every foul vulture and every foul and dreadful animal. ..when they see the smoke of her burning, dust…

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Knechter von Waltkvlten


Knechter von Waltkvlten

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"To be truly lonely has nothing
to do with the number of
people you share your life with.
The loneliest people
in the world are those
who can no longer
bear their own company."

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People Art Gallery

Exciting Photo Illusions

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